Birling Gap

January 31, 2009

Birling Gap

Buy a return train ticket to Eastbourne for Beachy Head. Obscure Jeffry Camp painted the chalk cliffs. Birling Gap is the only access to the sea along that coastline the Eastboune side of Seven Sisters. Foolhardy, from Birling Gap I swam out a mile into the mainstream. Take a dip in the turquoise water. Walk back to Eastbourne along the cliff base, only possible when the tides out. Recent collapses whiter than the cliffs, white also because they are vertical. The schoolgirls of St. Bede’s play hockey in the Bourne. Phantom pilots offshore. Un-recovered remnants of compacted car parts wedged in the cliff base chalk like modern art. Henry Moore inspired by tidal shore flint and chalk formations. The rock shelf scale-less like Siberia Steppes. The inland dry valleys are reminiscent of the sets of Lawrence Olivier’s Henry V. Larry lived in nearby Brighton. A sparkle underpins Beachy Head contrasting with it’s solemn reputation.


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