February 4, 2009


Folkestone is a microcosm of England. The harbour boat train station and the viaduct left to rot. £30m spent on sea defence. The town is elevated, split by a gorge. An overview from the Iron Age Hill Fort, over the Channel Tunnel portal shows the Leas right, the derelict chalk cliffs left. A winding alley links the harbour with the shopping centre with promise, killed off by Asda carbuncle behind. In a national survey, Asda staff are the most happy. The Grand Folkestone is the best hotel building in the UK. From the Clifton hotel room Pas d Calais is the backdrop for lines of ships in shipping lanes. There are sound mirrors on The Roughs behind Hythe, at the tip of Dungeness and Capel-le-ferne. The complete walk to Dover, only possible at low tide, despite the cliché, a timeless journey through island history and natural science. Only spoiled by the angular shape of Samphire Cliff reserve, the chalk channel tunnel spoils from under Shakespeare Cliff.
Dover. Dover also lost its boat train station. The town is decimated by roads and lorries which condescend to drop a gear through Dover. There are obvious site constraints, but rather than a visionary port engineers have left an angular un-natural eclectic uninspired mix. Despite this, ferries can be viewed from the real White Cliffs of Dover, romantically leaving the port.


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