Midland United

February 4, 2009

Midland United

Nerja. After flying back to East Midlands airport from Berlin Shoenefeld, I overnighted in Nottingham and journeyed to Bournemouth on a long train journey via Birmingham, Reading and Basingstoke. East Midlands airport was now called nottinghamderbyleicesterashbydelazoocheloughboroughmarketharboroughmeltonmowbraylutterworthcorbyrugby airport. Nottingham City council opted for a tram not a high speed rail link to London and invested in property and Iceland. There would be no derbyforestcountyburtonalbion f c and no Midlands United. Bournemouth airport. No bus links to the city 10 miles away, taxi drivers Croatian. Double height space lean-to under construction. Bureau de Change closed. A lovely Bournemouth couple dropped me off in Nerja from Malaga. The rail goes inland, there is no coastal track. I arrive at the marble villa just short of midnight.
Apart from the wonderful company of the host and guests, their cuisine, I enjoyed the marble opulent luxury. Vernacular fish restaurant in town, fireworks and champagne New Years Eve in Nerja. A group of three men two boys plodged up the canyon and scaled inland hillsides to the Moorish water canal at high level. Swam in the sea. Wandered alone along the watershed. Parted company Malaga and spent a rainy day visiting the cathedral, the only sanctuary in a dreary city.


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