February 4, 2009


Brighton hotels were full on Friday night so I just made it to the Beach Hotel at five to eleven. The bell boy locked the dark oak revolving doors behind me. On Sunday I cycled to Guildford via Arundel, Gay Street and Godalming. West of Pulborough in horsy country, I was unable to find access to the Arun canal. So I progressed on the roads of West Sussex. It rained heavily most of the day. I took the train to London from Bournemouth early Monday. This year the Bognor Birdman was held at Worthing. Hugh Lloyd died in the town. Staying at the Wessex Hotel in Bournemouth to Guildford per train, cycling to Worthing on disused track, by default, as I had been looking for the illusive towpath of semi derelict Arun canal.
Via Steyning and Sompting I reached the Beach Hotel. On Sunday cycling with the wind from Littlehampton to Brighton and then back to Worthing. The lagoons, set in billions upon billions of pebbles, and groins characterise this coast. And azure sea.


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