February 6, 2009


Non Man’s Land. Off Portsmouth are at least three rotund forts, one called Non Man’s Land. One thinks of the Mary Rose double decker warship changing tack and capsizing. Like the Starfighter. Events sunk or crashed both. Viewed from Southsea, the ferry looks like heading straight up the beach, then turns spectacularly, in to Portsmouth harbour. From the deck of that St. Malo ferry, I can see effectively, the whole of the British Navy on Sunday when underwater torpedoes frighten a school of Dolphins to death. It seams more and more likely that the Dolphins were Gods like us.
The attach submarine has the same basic shape as the fastest shark.
Jules, my brother had walked into HMS Ganges and had to scale un-tethered, a 150ft mast and was later breathing near pure helium 600 ft in a chamber down a shaft under Horsea Island.
Ferries of all sizes ply the harbour. The best one is Fastcat to Ryde.
This would look OK in Thunderbirds. A mini Hovercraft goes from Southsea fair. The big lasses Margaret and Anne, after an accident were mothballed on the shoreline apron of Solent-on-Sea airport and have dummies in the cock-pit?

I stayed in Keppel’s Head Hotel, 24-26 The Hard, Portsmouth, PO1 3DT , a strangely wonderful hostel opposite Portsmouth harbour railway station, on Sundays to get the first train up to London on Monday. The thing about Portsmouth which may go un-noticed it’s connectivity. Isle of Wight, France and Waterloo.
An island fort and port, guarded by hilltop and flanking forts as if loosing it to a foreign power was out of the question. The population is more rating matlo than petty officer so it may struggle with being glamorous ever. The Hard is a landing I.e. not a soft landing, reed bed or tidal marsh.
Across the park east is Southsea, a faded resort with funfair and seafront hotel, on the way to Marines HQ and Hayling Island ferry. Here are trecherous currents. Hayling Island’s beach resort charmingly unsophisticated. Take a swim here. From here it is safer to cycle on the westerly coastal track to Brighton via Tangmere, the best aviation museum in England. Between Emsworth, and West and East Wittering out of Chichester there is one ferry link across these half islands of diverse landscapes and its at West Ichinor. So Chidham Point can be reached.

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