February 8, 2009

The Isle of Wight

In Ventnor there is a seaside park pool in the shape of the island:The Isle of Wight, home country in miniature,which due to the extreme steepness of the town can be seen from above like a map. Kiss-me-Quick stops at Shanklin because that’s where the London Underground-like D2 stock railway does. But there used to be a branch line to Ventnor. In a Shanklin hotel room overlooking the anchored coasters out of season. A room at the top, the highest rentable room in Shanklin, like a painters studio. People tend to visit here from the Home Counties, like those who may have taken redundancy and bought a house in rural Kent.
You never meet anyone. Its interbred on the lower ledges. Hoteliers are often thoughtful, canny, astute, tanned from Spanish holidays, self made men, flawed by racism. But over a whiskey you find yourself nodding in agreement. I was thrilled by being in the last resort. The mast behind was hit by Stukas early on. I often cycled here from Ryde or Freshwater. Its not the place spend a week. Just overnight.


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