February 11, 2009


From St. Pancras via Ebsfleet to Brussels. The Kent section complete years before. A body was found on the chalk Ebsfleet site. Astonishing to be in Kent within 20 minutes of leaving St. Pancras. Highspeed 1 TGV going like a train. Sixteen minutes under La Manche a non event, and then the modernity of Sangatte. Brussels is a monstrosity. A hostile euro-business city. Lille, which I had visited earlier via Dover, has all the urban elements of a Nord-pas-de-Calais north French town. And outdoor Fruits of the Sea. Brussels has the feeling of there being no Belgians there. Bruges is a tedious museum. Oostende, is ravished by ugly buildings, but has derelict seaside charm. There are cliff top bunkers, then obscure dune landscapes to and beyond Westende. By daylight and with time advantages return to Euston Road. Rapidly to compare Nord-pas-de-Calais to Kent: A luxury.


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