Kettering Oakham Grantham

February 14, 2009


Once the centre of the Kettering industry? Towns developed if they were on or off the railway. Just out of Kettering is a very large clay pit. Now a dormitory town for London, and first stop north of Wellingborough. Of all the towns most hit by the Beeching Report was Rugby, home of wartime aviation and Rugby cement, losing five radial lines. Heading out of Kettering to Corby which has no railway but plenty of Scots. Corby New Town, still has an Arndale type shopping centre. Home of Corby Development Corporation. A fragmented town now, changing abruptly north into rural Northamptonshire at Rockingham Castle. The heart of rural England is Marefield. There is a disused triangular rail junction and a viaduct. The symbol for Leicester is the fox. There is boundless flat open empty land off these Wolds beyond Bourne, Louthe and Bardney with lesser interest or perspective because of flatness. Follow A6003 directly north via bleak ridges to Uppingham, then east via the Great Central railway viaduct to North Lufferham and Edith Weston, nestling under Rutland Water. Squadrons of Harriers were to be seen from RAF Wittering or RAF Cottesmore. Train to Leicester from Oakham. The countryside from Oakham to Grantham is so rural there is little to remember. Below Exton there is an isolated pillbox. Train to Nottingham.

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