West Bridgford

February 14, 2009

Grantham Canal.

Earlier contour canals follow the curves of landscape, unlike later systems carved with dynamite and long tunnels in say, Birmingham or Wolverhampton. Canals were lined with Kimmeridge clay at the suggestion of an Irish Navigation Engineer.The River Idle is long and straight for 15 miles. Some are sombre, romantic and dark like the Chesterfield Canal. The Grantham Canal starts in West Bridgford on the Trent, is a contour canal, and loops down to Kinoulton and Hickling past Redmile to Grantham. Halfway along one is truly in the idyll. The Redmile section is grassy not hardcore. Venture off in rural directions or return through Keyworth, Colston Bassett and muse on Dairy Crest being founded here. Note that Stilton was created in Old Dalton. Fancy how the countryside used to be at Scalfold, and watch spring daffodils at Marefield. Here in Nottinghamshire the main thoroughfare is Main Street or High Street. Remnants of old railway lines north of Scalfold underly landscape parchment. Its good to have an Ordnance Survey map of the country you are in but some just like to roam. The key is to cycle from one city to another and get the train back, or vise-versa.


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