February 16, 2009


A purpose built isolated resort at the end of a railway line south north east across Lincolnshire. The Derby Miners Welfare building, a red brick cube with white lettering stating unequivocally what it is. The town catered for miners from Nottingham and Derby. Skegness is a seaside fun-fare, caravan site, and chip shop Mecca. Its easy not to notice the wonderful wild beaches and the serene nature reserve southwards to Gibraltar Point. Take Main Road via Wainfleet south west, a road set 1 mile inland. The crop sprayers are gigantic like huge mechanical wasps.
Visit the sea along dyke paths and farm roads. The landscape here is a trilogy: Wolds, emerged and marine. There is always a roman road of the undulating north south strip: transport was almost exclusively by sea, the Wash now devoid of ships above drowned villages. Visit the sea past Friskney and Wrangle and Old Leake. Then head inland to Boston. Boston Stump cathedral has duel spiral staircases very narrow. Look across the Fens. Poles, Ukrainians blank McDonald’s on Sunday and keep their hard earned money. 5000 Portuguese abroad but they are so small you can’t see them. St. Mary’s Graveyard cemetery has special children’s lawn of infant graves. Heading seaward following the river as the Mayflower did, veer off to North Sea Camp at Scrane End, an open prison set inland from the dunes. The curving sea wall dyke is a precious gem of wilderness not equally anywhere in England. Loop back via Wrangle and Fishtoft. Roads out of Boston lead to Sleaford and Spalding.
Take the A16 south west, a straight line for 20 miles. Going off into the Fens does not mean there is a way out. Spalding has nothing memorable except houses are orientated along straight culverts. I pressed on to Stamford skirting Market Deeping. Paused a while at Normanton church, Rutland Water, thence from Oakham take train to Leicester


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