Kreuzberg Berlin

February 18, 2009


Deep winter 1995 in Kreuzberg opposite the fire station, Wilmstrasse last stepped entrance on right third floor right door, in postal district 61 at 5am head towards Oeztal, Austria. The Berliner Ring (circumference London M25, not Paris Periferique) only two exits, one Dresden, one Leipzig, we take the wrong one. Signage in villages is state misinformation still. At some time we were in Pfunds via Zugspitze. Next morning I climbed to the ski resort 600m above us, and walked across a nearby ice bound lake. Oetztal is an elevated glacier on the Italian border where struggles occured for territory (Switzerland Austria and Italy) on snow mountain peaks. Its common knowledge, isn’t it, the Ice Man found there was tall, well dressed and had a flint arrowhead lodged in his back. On the way back stopped in Thüringen because of thick fog. Joined autobahn at Magdeburg and procede to Berlin. In this time I earned money painting children’s portraits.

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