Gotham Moor

February 27, 2009

Flanking Gotham Moor are Gotham Pastures. Barton Moor, Bunny Moor, Bradmore Moor with Rough Hill southwards beyond Bunny Lane.
The Great Central Railway spliced Gotham Moor. It delivered ammunition workers from Ruddington to East Leake. It is abandoned: A summer steam train runs under the derelict bridges. An intact test track exists further over.
Gotham Nottinghamshire inspired choosing Gotham as the name of the fictional city used in the American comic, perhaps due to its excentric reputation. The villagers pretended to be mad to distract King John from passing through thus causing a toll road. Plans are afoot to build on Gotham Pastures, encroaching on the moor and spoiling the view. An eco-town at Shelford or Newton, East Bridgford is muted. East Bridgford has only one shop and is on the edge of a wilderness between the Trent, airfield and the open space across to where the three counties of Leicestershire, Nottingham and Lincolnshire meet.


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