(Inglistan) (Hindi, Urdu, Persian)

March 9, 2009

“Among these dark satanic mills?”.

Vince Rea said if England was towed out and sunk into the Atlantic it would not be long before they sent down divers looking for it. In Plockton, Scotland there are tropical grasses from Argentina: even in Banchory Devenick and Maryculter these plants are seen in cottage gardens. There seems to be enough water even though it takes forever to warm up into summer. The inlets are all conducive to trade harbours. Non of the great rivers run into the arctic. The Bradford artist David Hockney said there is no time only distance. The Hoppi Indians have sixteen ways of describing rabbit footprints in snow yet none for time. The glory of landscape is that you can roam through it breathing. In the afterlife, that’s the imaginary place when looking out sea, as a disembodied spirit you won’t be able to be anywhere.


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