March 10, 2009


The English are struggling with the plastic bag. This is both puzzling and perplexing. Deutschland has for long had the cotton bag: It is soft, strong and folds into hardly any space, carries no slogan or adverts. Its raw white cotton. The English version has proprietary printed sentiments, is stiff and for some reason is green printed: A heavy Hessian seamed bag. Simultaneously a swirling mass of plastic bags the size of Europe hovers off California. The English cannot voluntarily do anything without being told. They may think its continental. They are currently eating factory farmed chicken, eggs and bacon as if there was no tomorrow. The middle classes will secretly do something really, really good like repairing all the disused canals as conservation volunteers, from gentile god fearing communities but they wont involve the plebs. This mentality pervades almost all of Middle England. As the earth rotates England thrives on snobbery and sniffing at the poor people.
Apart from that awful and poinless ideas are foisted downwards on the mob by vile celebraties via television. Whatever happened to Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes?


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