April 4, 2009


Nothing illustrates the great divide in the You Kay (UK) as Jesmond to Jarrow. Inward investment into the North East never leaves Jesmond or the environs of the university and hospitals. There are no stem cell research laboratories in Tyne Dock. The research carried out where the bus station was in central Newcastle, will help a fat Gosforth woman conceive despite not being beautiful in the eyes of any beholder. Meanwhile school attending teenagers are starting families in Low Fell. Top echelons of the whole region of work drive back to sleep in Jesmond. Newcastle United fans are not the vernacular ones seen on TV but the wealthy within walking distance of the stadium. Jesmond has more private schools than Soft Mick: the highest density geographically in Great Britain.

It starts with Jesmond schools which cream off the best from East Boldon, even Sunderland. They commute like early morning fops pontificating all the way to Jesmond Metro. Suitably educated they then sneer at the regions ordinary children who meanwhile have been denuded of any education or chance. Jesmond educated children will drift through a charmed middle class career locally without having to let go of their mothers pinny.

Jarrow has always had a conservative MP often working as three line whip bouncers or solid party men. The best they could have got in the scheme of things. For historic reasons good for soviet semi-autonomous Komsomlomsk conservative Jarrow.


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