Shakespeare Cliff

April 4, 2009

The Samphire Pamphlet

The Folkestone Manifesto

“Pink, pink and more pink!” :-Folkestone retired sailor on seeing a girl child cycling past the welk stalls.

The children of the lumpenprolatariat wear pink shell suits from Folkestone Asda made in China from a warehouse near Southampton: A Revolution, but in distribution. Yet the container ships passing along the Aermelkanal, Le Manche (The Sleeve), the English Channel, have dwindled, from my fourth floor room on The Leas.

Underneath Shakespeare Cliff two ancient London toffs on their way to a ‘FKK frei korper kultur’ sea swim remind me that England was a country of 25 million whites only in the 1950s,with no strangers, when only a few very good swimmers might enter, and the end of the country as an island had begun. A great glacial flood had, in one day, started this separation when England was cut off from Europe 15000 years earlier.

Churchill, England’s greatest historian, like Cromwell a Protector of the Jews, had about that time proposed a United states of Europe – with England outside it. Nicholas Ridley later described the modern continent as a German racket. Folkestone, a microcosm of England, meanwhile rots.

The decay is palpable, emblematic in the dereliction of Folkestone Harbour boat train station, certainly a victim of Beeching’s pruning of the rail network.

“England is a small country, please keep your voice down”. This imaginary sign, in letters one meter high was placed at the new Gatwick airport American Airlines Jumbo Hub. Inexplicably it was never heeded as former colony tourists invade England.

Left to its own devices, then the English mainland from Devises to The North Foreland would become the continuum of Ecumenopolis. Spain already covered with marble villas up the canyons on near 45 degree slopes, is over here buying airports and rail companies.

John Betcheman, alarmed at the spread of Mock Tudor along linear settlements at Petts Wood: Yet cities are contained by green belts, national parks, the south west’s natural spirit of separateness, and the overt quirky indigenous snobbery of remote English towns. (Leek, Congleton, Godalming, East Grinstead etc etc.

England will be the last refuge, we dying at the World’s End, King’s Road, like.

In Meanwhile Gardens though, whilst we still have an interest.

The Folkestone Manifesto –

‘Local goverment stifles, petrifies and straightjackets city centres and natural economic responses. Councils have to abolish themselves to save money.

No hospitals. Knock them down. There is no need in society for doctors. Doctors, front men for the pharming community and medicine is doctors sinning at the Tree of Knowledge. Health is entirely the affair of families.

Futures dealers to be catapulted off Beachy Head.

England needs, with immediate effect to withdraw from Europe at every level. A very large sign, easily readable from Pas d Calais, saying “F U * K O F F”. i.e. please fu*k off permanently, for ten years so we can work out what to do with you next.

Accept willingly Arab states are in to world domination through civil aviation, and sell off airports to the Emirates. They will always be afford to buy aviation fuel. This runs out in 2016.

Force old people into and dressed as the Home Guard. Direct Labour. Labour needs to be directed from inner cities to East Anglia in the summer.

The Freedom of Information Act is only workable when read hanging upside down in front of a mirror.

Get Shot of A Scot. Independence From Scotland. Foreigners value three things from Britain most, oil, whiskey, and tartan. Tough, misses out there. Get shot of a Scot from your office today and free up top level jobs. Who will rid me of these golf courses? As soon as all the Scots are back over the border (train, plane, hill walking etc) all golf courses in England will be closed.

Re-educate those with socially divisive attitudes. Perhaps this could be linked to humane directed labour. The central unresolved core dilemma is how to make people do things without the mechanisms of wages. Violence a state monopoly is forbidden?
Demonise the middle classes. The planet does not need saving, but the people do.

Cycling only no Cars. That way flying can still be cool.

The Germans by the way wanted Kent, West Sussex and Normandy to be part of the same region.’


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