Dover – Felixstowe

April 7, 2009

Dover was the first entrepot for England in Roman Britain. Indeed Hadrian, not looking too unlike Derek Jacobi may have stayed in the Roman hotel in Dover.
Much of England was flooded especially in the Fens. Ely an island. Shorelines shifted after a storm as in Porchester. Romans had no underwater roads. Raised wooden walkways into anglian strongholds the drawbriges of their time and heavily guarded. Some villages disappeared miles offshore as in Norfolk. All these places are accessible from London. Visit Shingle Street, Suffolk from Liverpool Street station. Beware though, because of coastal erosion paths are makeshift on cliffs. Its seldom pebble beach spits offer cycle pathways.It is a great effort to shove a cycle and coastal villages are 10 miles appart: Worth it though for the isolation, the sanctuary thus achieved.


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