April 9, 2009

Holyhead (Anglesey), Fishguard, Liverpool, Stranraer, Felixstowe, Hull, Newcastle, Portsmouth, (Ramsgate), Newhaven and Dover are ports where cycle tours can be started. Ramsgate only by car. No foot passengers from Oostende. Wealthy foreigners live freely and in safety mainly in London: The City and Westminster generates wealth for the English Provinces. In Scandanavia as in (Northern) Europe wealth and welfare is spread more evenly than in England. With this wealth in England, the theory goes, as the Gulf Stream warms The British Isles making it warmer for it’s latitude, so foreign money makes England disproportionally more well off than Europe. The broad inference being culture is geographical. Geocentric. Globalism, Global Trade, Transport and Technology move strange cultures round the world quickly dislocating them and confusing the English. In the 1930’s goods were on show in Regent’s Street and Saville Row but few had money to buy them. Cycling in London’s West End is dangerous because of the lack of dedicated tracks, volume of traffic and one way system. Return to the ports via London railway stations.


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