April 22, 2009


In Roman times only one bridge over the violent, eddying and dangerous River Thames marked out London about where London Bridge is now. Located in a near fordable streach away from gravel spits and marshes. London turned it’s back on the river for trade and transport reasons when Tilbury Dock was opened, but after 1970 in a strategic revival much was achieved to convey onlookers to Southwalk, on the south bank of the river (Southbank). Hungerford Bridge, Charing Cross and The Millenium Brige was the completion of this process. John Martin’s (born Heddon-on-the-wall) (very large pictures in the Tate Britain gallery in Pimlico) biblical vision not unlike the Houses of Parliament. This fine view can be witnessed from cycling routes near Lambeth Walk.(tbc) Take time to visit London’s great galleries. Artist’s visions may help you understand the world around you. London is very popular with travellers, visitors and tourists so there must be a reason for that. Swirling round St. Paul’s and looking up. Does anyone know what they are looking for?


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