May 12, 2009

Public Sculpture in England is an awkward subject. Many towns and cities want sculptures to put them on the tourist map. Burnley, a fragmented town in Lancashire has no landmarks. The mill was right in the middle of the town. Many retail units are closed. The town is an illusion in the minds of older residents. For youths it is exciting to hang around the shopping centre. Cycle out of the town to see the lovely Lancashire Hills around the river Ribble. Even cycle to Accrington.

Not all Inner Cities or Inner City redevelopments are drab. Birmingham Bull Ring in 1965 was as grey as old photographs but Selfridges Department Store by Future Systems is a ‘Visual Experience’. Shoppers are attracted from as far away as Milton Keynes.

Meanwhile at the Gothic Palace of Westminster, Members of Parliament some of them having cycled to Parliament, passing crash barriers which prevent Suicide Bombers crashing in lorries. Most Westminster buildings are protected in this way. Big Ben is the most recognised icon for a city and the Simon de Montfort sculpture in the fourcourt is classic and strong with a raised sword. Parliament Square is busy so cycle on the Embankment.

English Parliamentarians shop for suits in Jermyn Street and shop for food in Fortnam and Masons? Oliver Cromwell was so angry with The House of Commons in the English Civil War, for their corruption, greed and self interest(tbc) he scattered the mainly London Merchants and Businessmen and disolved Parliament thus suspending Democracy.

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