Berlin v London

May 21, 2009

NOTE: The German song lyrics below are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended.

“Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin”

Lyrics by Aldo von Pinelli
prose English translation by Hyde Flippo

It’s wonderful in Paris on the Rue Madeleine
It’s nice to walk through the city in Rome in May
Or a quiet summer night with wine in Vienna.
But I’m still attached, even if you laugh, to Berlin today:

I still have a suitcase in Berlin
That’s why I have to go there sometime soon.
The joys of days gone by
Are all still in my little suitcase.

I still have a suitcase in Berlin
It stays there, too, and that makes sense.
In this way it’s worth a trip,
Because whenever I’m homesick, then I go back.

Lunapark and the wave pool, a little bear at the Zoo,
Swimming at Wannsee (lake) with the water wheel, bright and happy days.
Werder, when the trees are in bloom, Sanssouci park.
Man, Berlin was really nice. I’ll never forget it:

Refrain: I have…

Obviously if you get bored with cycling round England fly to Berlin with your bicycle. Or rent or buy a bicycle and sell it when you leave. Berlin has it’s own airline now: Air Berlin.

In the Cold War only Pan Am, Air France, Danair and British Airways were allowed to fly to Tegel. Gatow and Templehof were still military airfields. Schonefeld was a couple of Aeroflot huts. Now Templehof is closed, Pan Am no longer exists and Schoenefeld is being expanded so Tegel will close sometime.

Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn Network are the best in the world. For a day in Berlin walk round Schlactensee. Cross Wansee by ferry to Kladow and visit lonely Sacrower See, set in The Eternal German Forest. Take a day trip from Potsdam/Glienecker via Kaputh, Glindowsee, Werder (Havel), Grosser Zern See, Wumblitz, Jungfernsee and back: A truely mystical journey. Visit Wansee Bad. Walk round Pfaueninsel. Visit remote resorts and empty lakes and forests like Ferch, Hermanswerder and Templiner See.

S-Bahn probably allows cycles but check. Sometimes a bicycle is seen in the U-Bahn but this could be students being mildly anarchistic.

Walk from U-Bahn Nikolasee north across Grunewald to Heerstrasse. In the north use the S-Bahn to visit Teglersee where there is a Strandbad at Flughavensee. Swim indoors at Stadtbad Schoeneberg, Krummstrasse or Friedenau. In deep cold winter as in 1996(tbc) Tegelersee is frozen over as Krumme Lanke. Access Potsdam via tram and walk round San Souci.

Use the S-Bahn to visit remote towns in Brandenberg. Penetrate Brandenburg Lake District via Prenzlau, Rheinsberg and Gransee. Visit Hiddensee via Ruegen and Stralsund. Visit Prora and Binz. After Prenzlau towards the Baltic Coast note the Allees, often cobbled tree lined roads only retained in East Germany.

In Berlin try cycling round the wall path especially beyond Marianfelde and Lichtefelde. Visit the Berlin Wall from Kreuzberg over River Spree at Uebeerbaumbruche to Warschauerstrasse and Lichtenberg district (tbc), Neukoelln and Prenzlauer Berg (Jahn Stadion and the Max Schmeling Halle Velodrome) away from the tourist centre.

Remember U-Bahn lines under East Berlin renamed. One was called Stadion der Welt Jugend.

Berlin is The Best City in The World for cycling, travelling by train and swimming outdoors, as at Schlactensee and Krumme Lanke. There is a secret bathing area in the centre of Grunewald forest at Teufelsee. An excellent walk is from Krumme Lanke via Grunerwald See to S-Bahn Grunewald. From there walk northwards to Teufelsberg.

Use the S and U Bahn to visit Inner City Berlin and The Hinterland. Remember Berlin is mainly forests and lakes. Probably the best setting for a city, and like Rome, Berlin is good to walk and cycle round.

Remember many of these places are Nature Security Areas and Unspoilt so respect them and do not leave litter. Keep the Environment Clean.

Remember to look left for oncoming traffic from left for cars driving on the right not look right for cars driving on the left approaching from the right. It can easily catch you out on the very first day. It has happened.


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