May 22, 2009

Frankfurt am Oder is less than 100km from Berlin. Board a train from Ostbahnhof.

Homing in on the Polish question, in England, it is a fait acumpli workers who cannot or will not master English are doing themselves a favour effectively do not speak up. They are non unionised and almost like a paid slave labour.

As Berlin and Moscow sliced off Poland in WW2, moving the country west on to the Oder Vistula rivers so Poland and Poles are mentioned regarding zeitgeist gegenwart Immigration and Work.

In The Hunger War, the Second World War, real slave labour was used and discarded.
Ordinary Germans regarded foreigners from the east as not nice and from the west as nice, based on deep existential empirical reasons.

Meanwhile in England POW Prisoner of War camps held Germans in decent conditions in places which later became English Middle Class holiday camps like Butlins and Pontins.

English officers held in Colditz were treated well and even shot if they tried to run away.

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