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June 30, 2009

The London Underground is synonomous with London history and has always been secretive and had an American connection. The entrepeneur (tbc) who built the first line, a cut and cover was a yankee gringo businessman. Londoners would have just liked the loud shouting voice which they themselves got from Hugenaut fishwives.

The secretivity started when Lancaster Bombers were built under Lancaster Gate Tube Station.

Now London Underground needs to emerge from under the ground to Grace London as in WW2.

No cycles are allowed in London Underground because of Dry Cleaning costs if a woman gets oil on her dress.


June 30, 2009

A cleansing occurs when cycling of Impure Thoughts.

Dirty Thoughts List
1. Mud
2. Not Getting Washed
3. Inside of Electric Carpet Cleaner
4. Student Fridge
5. Supermarket Skip
6. Road Sweeper’s Trolly/Cart in Summer
7. Unreachable Ledge
8. Car Oil Sump/ Exhaust Manifold
9. Pie Factory/Abbattoir
10.Bicycle Chains Coming Off

Pure Thoughts
1. Stations of the Cross
2. The Tate Gallery
3. The English Pre-Rafaelites
4. Dreams About The Sea
5. Icebergs
6. Dreams of Ferry Journeys to Islands
7. Crucifiction
8. Country Churchyards
9. Flags
10.White Clothes/Violet Sheets/Red and White Flags

Cycling encourages pure thoughts.

Gay Street

June 30, 2009

Cycling through England whose virtue is little more than a moving picture with sun and fresh air this is occasionally punctuated by the onset of a rain shower. It is not possible to remain dry in heavy rain so wear thin clothing like skin, ventilated and which drys almost immediately.

Avoid getting wet and cold towards the end of a journey. Practice is overtaken by intution and one becomes able to predict as a prophet voraussager/voraussagen, roughly the weather.

On this journey through The Rural English Countryside and The Suburbs of England often in sunny showers place names approach far too big for their importance.

Try visiting unusual place name places in England (listed below with USA names) on a bicycle or tandem.

English Place Names by County.

1. Gay Street (West Sussex)
2. Much Binding in the Marsh (Devon)
3. Make Me Rich (Northumberland)
4. Pity Me (Durham)
5. America (Cambridgeshire)
6. Asbestos (Quebec)
7. Atomic City (Idaho)
8. Big Ugly Wilderness Area (West Virginia)
9. Cape Disappointment (Oregon and Washington)
10.Eel Pie Island, London, England
11.Fearsville, Kentucky , USA
12.Jobsville, New Jersey , USA
13.No Place, County Durham, England
14.Rest and be thankful , Argyll and Bute, Scotland
15.Snafu Creek, Yukon, Canada
16.Stiffkey, Norfolk, UK
17.Swastika, Ontario, Canada
18.Telephone, Texas , USA
19.Touristville, Kentucky , USA

20.Wedding, Berlin, Germany
21.Percy Main (Durham)
22.Anfield Plain (Durham)
23.Coalburns (Durham)
24.Chathill (Northumberland)
25.Co-operative Villas (Durham)

The Midlands

June 30, 2009

The causation of the current, medium and long-term malaise in the Midlands can be distilled in to The Ten Commandments of British Politics and remedied with Swift Action.

1. There is no need now for defending England. The World’s End is as near as 2015. Get rid of in The United Kingdom The Armed Forces. The Young Army from the suburbs of The Mersey, Thames and Tyne were Press Ganged and sent abroad so they did not trouble Softie Southern Office communities in The Home Counties.

2. Local government has no function. Abolish Local Government.

3. Immigration. Stop X-Border Migration for Ten Years.

4. Europe is a success but why pay for it? Withdraw from Europe.

5. Increase Weekend from 2 to 3 days. Reduce Working Week from 5 to 4 days.

6. Introduce Urban Gardening Five Year Planting Plan.

7. Ban Car Ownership.

8. Introduce Temporary Overnight Sleeping Pods.

9. Direct Politics. Remove Middlemen in Business, Economics and Industry.

10.Open Cycle Factories.

1. Get rid of in The United Kingdom The Armed Forces.
There is no need for defence. Armed Forces redployed to borders and 1926 Strike type duties. Aircraft and aircraft carriers to be used as sculptures. Weapons to be boiled down to bicycles.

2. Abolish Local Government. Proper Parks and Gardens not just flower baskets. Rebuild Nottingham Victoria Railway Station linked by Express to London St. Pancras. Lay on free pump trolleys or hand carts for free travellers.

3. Stop X-Border Migration for Ten Years. Use Army on Borders.

4. Withdraw from Europe. Trade with Europe and Import Belgian beer.

5. Increase Weekend from 2 to 3 days. Reduce Working Week from 5 to 4 days.

6. Introduce Urban Gardening Five Year Planting Plan. Reduce Food Imports.

7. Ban Car Ownership. Swap for cycles.

8. Introduce Temporary Overnight Sleeping Pods. £1 coin slot opperated. Like Japanese Hotel Pods with the the essentials of surviving the night outdoors.

9. Direct Politics. Remove Middlemen in Business, Economics and Industry. Shorten political heirarchy as Stalin removed local feifdoms.

10.Open Cycle Factories. Rally Nation to recycle cars into cycles. Cycling to be mandatory per person per cycle per day.


June 29, 2009

According to Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics heat moves from hot to cold. According to weather and climate principles these swirl round each other creating a ‘Hagenkreuz’. Strange then that symbols used in weather forecasts are Runic.

Lans von Liebenfels in contradiction to Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics dreamed that Nordic Warriors emerged from the Northern Ice spreading abroad breeding southwards. Its only a story. The cycle of Ice Ages would mean that Germans, Swedes, Danes, Walloons, New Flemish Alliance NVA and the extreme right Vlaams Belangand and Norwegians would have some sort of commonality. It would explain ice blue eyes common among Nordic Tribes. A naturally efficient way of reflecting light off the glaciers.

Most plausible however is that Jörg Lans von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Hans Horbiger and others were disenfranchised and wanted revenge on the common people below them. This happened in England after WWII where socially high ranking architects were forced to build dwelling units (plattenbau) so made them as bad as possible.

It seems that Vienna did stamp Hitler’s views of the world. However this was done in a way old people in England now remember as being normal. This is single most important value of old people: The Elderly are a Window on the Past.

The modern equivalents of Jörg Lans von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Hans Horbiger and others are Rich Kids pretending to be Hippies down Portobello Road but all the time they are using parents credit cards and escaping to country estates at the weekend when they get bored with Notting Hill.


June 28, 2009

‘A river man, or a man of the woods, or of any farm-life in These States, or of the coast, or the lakes, or Kanada.’

In the scheme of things cycle around inquisitive. Because once say realizing there may be a God at work somewhat like a shepherd. It’s nice to guess if there is a Creator. Especially on a Sunday!

In the case of England, although its wrong to anthropomorphise The Creator, a lesser being might think, that in some English cities goodness and kindness were no longer at work only repetion and habituation.

There is an inescapable gold braid with the Mayflower leaving Boston harbour Lincolnshire, Walt Whitman, Ralph Emerson, Henry Ford and Sylvia Plath in Primrose Hill. There is a theory that Spirits speak through the mouth of Chosen People and the exactness of genious in William Shakespeare and Sylvia Plath point to this axiom being true. Sylvia Plath, almost reluctantly as a rational aetheist began to think about the existance of God.

That Chicago was the naddir of earthly godliness in people, a slaughterhouse, and that pastoral vegitarian Michigan was the zenith of a world left by The Shepherd God for his Flock People to walk among.

A parallel emerges in England. Nottingham is the Naddirsville of England, a modern Coventry where no one speaks to strangers, oddly at the very geographical centre of the country through which drains it’s main and voluminous river. The Trent drains Middle England.

William Booth founder of the Salvation Army was born in Sneinton, Nottingham an inner sururb and whirlpool of drowning humanity. A plaque heralds his name but the Queen Anne Georgian house is engulfed by 1960s blocks in an overgrown garden. The residents and staff are locked in dying safe from the dying streets unchanged in modernity.

Standing there knowing how the people of Nottingham live in suspended animation, fearing to speak out, habitually hanging on to their positions, a city where words are not spoken among the crowds, that all human afflictions are gathered below in the Beast Market and High Pavement the Mayflower is visualized leaving England that only leaving Europe and setting up in America would do.

It is almost plausible that a New World was laid on for the Pilgrim Fathers.

Almost like a mythical Rebirth enabled. As if Resurrection was a universal wish.

The Mayflower stopped off in Zealand and Plymouth and took 12 years to reach New England.

Walt Wittman’s poetry are of godliness and salvation to be found by walking out of the city into landscape.

Nottingham like Rome built on steep hills like Valley Top away from the mills and factories on a small tributary of the river Trent. Ralleigh Cycles and Wills Cigarettes factories once here on dark streets of heavy trees. The workers heritage is to shout above the machines though the machines have gone abroad to Taiwan and Vietnam, to shout along coal mines even though they are above ground now and to live in far out subburbs where many are driven mad by poverty.

The remote infamous suburbs of Daybrook, Arnold, Bullwell, Nuthall, New Basford, Bramcott and Stapleford are like so many Sargasso Seas. Like seas without shores.

The residents are alien looking as if they know a stranger is so. They dart up and scrutinise but never speak.

There is little homogenity in the people. Each one seems to be odd and beauty resides in the children in wealthier suburbs and the off world colony of West Bridgford once guarded on the footbridge to floodplain The Meadows stopping unsavoury characters crossing in to the planned town.

Nottingham from the air is a mess, odd for a classic castle to cathedral fortress. The Lace Market district is inert and dead.

Camden Town London is the zenith to Nottingham’s naddir. Classic Regency, Crimea or Edwardian houses. A vortex of international young people. Young people here manage to make their 500 character traits interesting. Creative, young and chattering, and the opposite to Nottingham in most respects.


June 26, 2009

The virtual world carried around as a 3D animation and memories is clear when it becomes a parody in English old people. In Post Industrial England this has deteriorated into a numbers game of lottery, bingo and abstract numberical games in the newspaper for commuters. What levered off humans in the jungle from other mammals and animals i.e. the ability to imagine future situations e.g. fighting off rival group of chimanzees now enables old people to live now in the past. Imaginary situations linger in the minds of old people mainly from early adult survival and procreative years. The paradox of old people having the ability to be cheerful and live off memories confounds their offspring and followers. When the memories become jaded there are long pauses from people who really should be more lucid and sharing experiences. Perhaps they are hiding from the young. The tragedy of old age is acted out in care homes throughout England but some lucky ones live in luxury in the country. Some have gone to Spain and France, some risking running out of money. Some love The English Coast even though nothing happens there.

The most geriatric of towns in England are:-

Minehead, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Bridgnorth, Much Wenlock, Torquay, Barrow in Furness, Skegness, Ingoldmells, Cromer, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Clacton on sea, Broadstairs, Hastings, Weston super mare, Eastbourne, Worthing, Bognor Reigis, Wooler, Scarborough, Bournemouth and Ironbridge. Most towns and city districts have clusters of old people packed in to boring dwelling units monitored by mainly foreign nurses. Lincolshire and Shropshire are typical counties where rural villages have an überzahl of elderly. Try Marks and Spencers in Newark on a week day. Both young and old hang out in shops for something to do.

This is a long way off aspiring city dweller workers (the burgeoning middle classes) spending summer evenings and the weekends looking for the rural idyll on a tandem.

Such is the cycle of life in England.


June 25, 2009

In Ravenscar Summer 2004 I completed a tour round the English coast by cycle. The only public building in the Yorkshire village of Ravenscar is a two story ticket office on the former railway line stop from Whitby. On the train from Hull factory worker says that 5000 Portuguese lived in Hull and this was certainly true of Boston, Lincolnshire. There is even a Ukrainian liquor store in Boston and there are Polish Delicatessen shops from Bournemouth to Worksop. The lady worker on the train from Hull to Arram and Driffield was worried that foreign cars were not insured so any victim could be lame and not compensated. No one had bothered since carrots could not be levitated in to tins Western Europe’s poorest and often smallest workers the Poruguese could seasonally help them on their way in to supermarkets.

That summer mainly young Polish workers had penetrated in to every corner of England from Folkestone to Malvern from Silsby to Rotherhithe. When Europe expanded a dollor earned in England was worth ten dollors in Poland. The United States of Europe will be formed in 2015 and there will be no restriction of workers geographically. It may be possible to make it across swamps and rivers in chains to escape persecution in say Spain.

The Worksop sandwich factory employs 1200 Poles helping exports of English food. If you are not a Pole it is not easy to find work in this giant shed. The Polish girls reacting to ambiant temperature get pregnant and soon Slavic looking girls in school uniforms are in evidence. These children reap the rewards of their parents toil.

Meanwhile the unfavoured English feel and are left behind.


June 24, 2009

England is the most densly populated country in Europe now denser than boring flat and sinking Holland. The Polders are amomg the least populated. Walking around The Wash, East Anglia it is possible to traverse farmland and not see a single soul. In 1947 laws meant that cities were ligatured with Londoners being dumped in marshes like Basildon and Pittsea. Chemicals were also shipped to Basildon by lorry and left in swamps. The Garden City drawings were nice and as they grew old the Communist Israeli Eccentrics moved into the better New Towns of Hampstead Garden Suburb and Letchworth. Space is used liberally and there is much land grab. Letchworth though having the first roundabout the biggest and most elaborate was in Swindon.

It was long suspected that planners were not educated in anything whatsoever were subsequently demonised and just drew roads where they fancied. The built environment was still in 2D.

No counting of who is currently in England is made by Mandarins and no visionary housing plan has actually been enacted in 16 years. Strange because Government knowledge on housing is near perfect according to house building rules.

For Green Belt read Golf Course.

West Wittering

June 24, 2009

Beyond the North Sea the island of England was penatrable by German tribes and more recently by Rhine barges. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes were so familiar in this geograhical area the sea is also known as The German Sea. Bicycles are often to be seen on these barges perhaps used to visit shopping centres often on rivers and canals.

England before the industrial revolution was a wealthy country almost entirely due to pastoral sheep farming which was more commonplace in Eastern England. In one Suffolk linear town each house is a castle with a moat. Nowadays prosperity depends on a miriad of sources often only in the minds of people like finance and tourism. In England foreigners and home visitors visit historical sites looking at how economic activity was manifest in the past.

Many English towns and cities held in aspic and in name are perpetuated often by government work structures and finance.

A colapse is imminent in some areas of English activity especially in local government regarded by many as being of little purpose. The Soviet Republic of England under New Labour if left to a Conservative/Tory regime may result, though currently unlikely, in towns and cities dying as Jarrow did in 1933.

The candidates for a economic colapse are in Lancashire, Derby, Nottinghamshire heartlands of BNP (British National Party) and New Labour. UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) support is nationwide and represents unfashionable train spotting nobodies who rarely have impact unless diluted on English politics.

However hundred year events have occured in English politics recently.

Left to their own devises and stimulated by Isreali out of town american style shopping, or by Tory radical policy of the sort Baden Powell Boy Scouts letting the unemployed and poor rot and die, some towns and cities may be left as only names in memories of old people.

The towns and cities most at risk and vunerable in a Social Darwinian England are:-

1. Northampton
2. Kettering
3. Corby
4. Derby
5. Southampton
6. Nottingham
7. South Shields
8. Sunderland
9. Hartlepool
11.Stoke on Trent
15.Newton Aycliffe
22.East Wittering

Towns and cities in England which will remain unchanged:-

1. Milton Keynes
2. Frimley on sea

Towns and cities in England which will prosper:-

1. Portsmouth
2. Rochester
3. Brighton and Hove City
4. Slough
5. London
6. Croydon
7. Ilford
8. Southend
8. Canvey Island
9. Durham
22.West Wittering
25.Virginia Water