June 13, 2009

Wander round Dinard and the neighbouring resort towns on the Coast of Love about 17.00 hours. Concrete but organic and vernacular paths interlace thinly through the tidal rocks allowing viewing of the houses at different angles. As usual there are no curtain movements as if the vertical gothic villas are not quite occupied or there is so much space inside no human disturbs the curtains. But you would think there would be more signs of activity. The villas owned by wealthy Parisians maybe are summer residencies. The restaurants have their regulars for fruits d mer. St Malo is a little more egalitarian and a person can eat alone without feeling discomfort. As long as you have a vista to turn away to across the sea.

Cycle along the coast in both directions as far as you can or stay over in resorts westwards taking a week by cycle. Best travel the Coast of Love with a fellow cyclist. English couples of differing ages are seen cycling along this beautiful coast. The roads are relatively safe. Remember Mont St. Michelle is east of St. Malo but quite a way and you would have to return via Rennes.There is little accommodation near except perhaps camping.

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