East Grinstead

June 15, 2009

Immigration into England preoccupies the collective psyche of English people highlighting the underlying division in England between the working and middle class citizen. Neither behaves like a citizen though. Although not overt the contempt for the tatooed man is complete. At least since WW2 the middle classes have undermined the often exaserbating worker by employing immigrants ignoring the social costs. In West Bridgford a planned town for Nottingham only the lingerie shop has closed. Like Hove in West Sussex obscure shops are supported by clientel from the wealthy Nottinghamshire hinterland. The houses are very large with the biggest tarmaced back yards in the whole of England. Lines of Mercedes festoon Central Avenue. Their drivers are in an interwoven network of church, community and wealth. Identification is very strong. There are very few signs of a Recession or Depression in West Bridgford yet over in Nottingham and suburbs like Old Baseford a macarbre city is in view where every deteriation is on show reminiscent of paragraphs of JB Priestly ‘An English Journey’, a catalogue of an astute man who travelled from Deal and Bognor Regis in the 1930s to record the State of England.


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