Lichtefelde West

June 15, 2009

There are good foreigners and bad ones. Scottish POWs were surprised how kind their German captors were. Like the two headed eagle they looked upon the eastern foreigner in a very different way.

In the war game whoever gets Germany always looses but only after a long battle where the german forces were in front. Then England and Russia joined forces. Eventally they meet at the Patentamt Hallisches Tor Berlin.

Place names infamous in Germany have pastoral origins with a fascinating harmlessness. In Berlin ‘things’ happened in innocuous appartments, streets and parks which have faded and disappeared. memories of these have faded. Think on the Stassi in Lichtenberg, Rosa Luxemberg in Tiergarten and Freidenau meaning peaceful meadow. In Lichtefelde Holorith machines were built and traded by a new mercantile suited workforce based in the same villa avenue as the training HQ for the secret police. Exeecutives of the precursur of IBM Holorith operated from a villa in Kaddettenweg.

Workers were ‘consequent’ in carrying out orders with chilling effects. At the women’s labour camp in Mecklenberg Vorpommern the girl promoted to the top was a bookkeeper.

Lichtefelde means field of light. These names are more nordic and have some credance for a ligitimate cry of spirit.

Even holy Schlactensee with it’s sweet water was overshadowed by the villa of Reinhardt Heidrick. Now there is Butter Lindner and Commerzbank linked to the station by a tunnel when the bank was robbed in 1995. Now there are wild boars and a Liddle supermarche.

In garden colonies vagrants and migrant families were reported and after being rounded up and removed to trains in Yorkstrasse and Anhalter Bahnhof.

In modern Lichtefelde residents can be seen cycling on cobbled streets to the ‘Bioladen‘ highlighting a strange English link between Faschism and Organic Food as experienced by the aristocratic ‘adlerisch’ Sussex landowners of the 1930s. their decline may have sparked WW2.

This is all so strange from a volkisch community so sharing, so polite and so aware of their civic duties. They must have been driven by deeply meaningful scarcity in the means of life and raw survival.

No other districts of a city is more historical than in districts Lichtefede, Zehlendorf and Dahlem. Even cubic blocks sit well in the forest of gentle valleys. There is even a Hampsteadstrasse. And Marlene Deitrick had links to Hampstead as can be seen from a letter by her in the Sony Centre Film Museum.

There is profound contradiction in a country so much closer to the heat and cold of life and death.


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