June 30, 2009

A cleansing occurs when cycling of Impure Thoughts.

Dirty Thoughts List
1. Mud
2. Not Getting Washed
3. Inside of Electric Carpet Cleaner
4. Student Fridge
5. Supermarket Skip
6. Road Sweeper’s Trolly/Cart in Summer
7. Unreachable Ledge
8. Car Oil Sump/ Exhaust Manifold
9. Pie Factory/Abbattoir
10.Bicycle Chains Coming Off

Pure Thoughts
1. Stations of the Cross
2. The Tate Gallery
3. The English Pre-Rafaelites
4. Dreams About The Sea
5. Icebergs
6. Dreams of Ferry Journeys to Islands
7. Crucifiction
8. Country Churchyards
9. Flags
10.White Clothes/Violet Sheets/Red and White Flags

Cycling encourages pure thoughts.


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