Ditchling to Göttingen via Thamesmead

July 8, 2009

The Minus Zenith of Unglush Kulture (Naddir or Untergang) occured in the gegenwart von gestern when Joe Gormley project Trafalgar World Square was mentioned on Radio 4 The Archers Foreign Office and Home Office Subliminal Message broadcast from Portland Place but written and produced in BBC Birmingham. The horrific line alluded to Andy Pandy Warhol taking 15 minutes by train from Paddington Bear Station, linking Paddington Bear, Ditchling Beacon, Sans Serif, TGWU Transport and General Workers Union, Ginger Peachy, T Dan Smith (deceased), Crosby Beach, Gill Sans, Thamesmead, Eric Gill, Grampian Hospital Radio in Aberdeen, Lewes, Portland Bill, Oscar Wilde, Birtley and Kibblesworth, Gatwick Airport and Felling Baths. Joe Gormley’s Fourth Plinth Stars stay for 1 hour 4 times longer than Andy Pandy Bill and Ben Little Weed Trumpton Cocklewood Oliver Postgate Olympic Reggata Weymouth Bay Nogin the Nog Cricklewood Hampstead West Warhol’s fifteen minutes.

Redemption surfaced via stand-up comedian Kew born Milton Jones who has a way with words.

The Portland Stone building opposite Langham’s Hotel Portland Street is now the symbol BBC Radio. If you are Unemployed, Karl Gustav Jung, Isreali and hail from Gay Street, West Sussex walk in to the BBC Bookshop and ask for a job.

Not far is The Talking Bookshop. Always say ‘Good Morning’ when cycling past. A mouth (letterbox) opens in the Talking Bookshop and says ‘Hi Gabriel’ or whatever your name happens to be.

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