July 19, 2009

Bowler hat wearing umbrella weilding pin stiped City Gents fending off interlopers from pushing in the queue outside Waterloo Railway Station could be walking a mile under the River Thames to the tightly packed stations underground round Bank Underground Station. There are few travelators below The Square Mile. These City Dudes face a dilema of being preached to at Sunday Sermons not to be Greedy but on Mondays face The Rest of The World’s Even More Greedy at Work.

2009, its a long hot summer for England’s private sector whilst bank clerks wallow in subshine in restaurants at lunchtime and civil servants hang on to their jobs for now. Feel the thrill of being wrongfooted by city workers on a crowded weekdays or pass St. Martin’s In The Way in to an empty financial capital at weekends.

Fascinating are City of London’s unheralded public houses and churches. Cycle through using bicycle clips wearing Church’s shoes, lilac shirt and pin striped suit.


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