Weekday Cross

July 26, 2009

Religious experiences are seldom? This story involves a Yorkshireman, a Geordie, a Frenchman and a motor cyclist from Manchester. Fixing the derailer cable Brian the Yorkshireman calls the Frenchman who is out on his 1970s antique racer which the motor cyclist on his way to Castle Donnington stops to admire. The Frenchman dismissive of modern bicycle features like numbered Shimano derailers would have the modern bike like to a Gittane or Puegoet racer with analog controls only frays the cable annoying the Geordie owner of the bike. The disembling distracting Frenchman goes on about everyone favouring a fixed drive bottom bracket now. The Frenchman having frayed the cable would rendevous the next day to fix the mountain bike. The Geordies bike it seems is not a 1970’s classic. The motor cyclist happens to work in a chain cycle shop and fixes the derailer.

God delivered the cyclist with perfect timing like a Guardian Angel.

Meanwhile the Middle Classes are still shoring themselves up apparantly preventing upward social mobility by the Rif-raf.

In a biblical scene like a Jehovah Witness doorstep pamphlet I work on the terraces of St. Annes’ towards Mapperley and Valley Top in polytunnel 2 designed in a wind tunnel looking out at a godly storm in rain drenched hues the garden looks painterly facing south and the first allotment garden in England. The wilderness soon encroaches on orchards only recaptured with sythe and slash and burn.

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