August 4, 2009

The Waning Star of North East England has now crashed into the North Sea as Sor Bobby is Deed. The Lampton Worm, The Blaydon Races etc etc When will we hear these for the last time? Newcastle and Middlesboro are in decline as the view from Redcar beach may not show a steelworks soon. Sunderland prospering oddly with the Sunderland Housing Group in Komsomlomsk Soviet Republic of Ryhope. Hartlepool is the great town of the North East at a level to which the regions other towns and cities will return with hairy backs, gooseneck cranes, canny folk, clifftop graveyards, eery tunnels, vacant staithes, asbestos ships, hang the monkey, lost magnesium works, ghastly houses, ASDA, obesity, cycle paths (psycopaths), pork pies and an old church at West Hartlepool.


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