August 4, 2009

A bicycle tour of England based on the location of The euphamistically named Ministry of Justice prisons would lead you to the hearts of English counties exactly between cities. Or to Lincoln and Durham city centres. Wormwood Scrubs is up from Shepherd’s Bush along Scrubbs Lane and Pentonville adjacent to Upper Street, Islington. Incarceration is a particular evil the English excel at often based on the inner thoughts of upper middle class English women (and men occassionally) using spiteful English cruelty and the Anglican Church holier-than-thou moral highground (whilst occupying the best squires) as mores in a generally religious type regime. The aim is to keep the criminals at a low level whilst ingraciating themselves with priests, do gooders and civic leaders in places like Litchfield and Stoke on Trent. Perculiarities of Bishops and High Court Judges when uncovered are passed off as silly or quirky – like circuit judges weakness for lashing or flagellating themselves before the quarter sessions. They approach the running of prisons with missionary zeal their inheritance stemming from the likes of The Bishop of Stiffkey.

The black and white romance of The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner is now in colour. The autocratic prison governor was portrayed as wanting to be humane to prisoners ennoble them and to give them dignity. In O Lucky Man the film starring Malcolm MacDowell the Police are portrayed as cynical nasty pieces of work and opportunistic thieves. Nick Roeg’s film Performance also alludes to figmental justice and ‘the fluid world of business ethics’.

Most people involved in the Prison Service in England are authoritarian or zombie automatons at the bottom.

The conundrum is: Has punishment become less physical torture but more mental torture with awful architecture and dull food and who really knows what goes on in prisons? They knocked down Holloway Prison which had been modelled on Warwick Castle. Even Mike Tyson would be fearful of incarceration of an English prison. There are remote prisons on the Isle of Sheppy and North Sea Camp is an open prison and simultaniously an alsatian training HQ.

English Law is so vague now it’s almost impossible to break the law unless the police tollerate it or are in on it. Left to it’s own devices trends in overwhelming and intrusive English Law everyone would eventually become a criminal just by virtue of not being a lay priest from rural Staffordshire. Scratching your knee at a certain angle is soon to be outlawed.

Among the Lower Classes like Cockneys folklore told of the need to stay away from the police and prison officers for any thinking person or anyone because it is a one way street to gaol (jail) if you caught/catch them in a bad mood.

The Law has become like one giant placenta, female as it were, and law has now all embracing female terms often stemming from sociology or psycology like ‘concern’ or ‘might be’.

Prisons locations can be found on The Ministry of Justice website. Unable to be nice in any way to prisoners prison governers turn to The Church of England to gloss over the brutality of a system which drives many young prisoners to suicide.


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