Seaham Harbour

August 5, 2009

Join the train at Newcastle upon tyne with a bicycle and board the Middlesborough train before it is too late. Passing over on Sunderland Bridge over a steep gorge to a subterannean station under Sunderland and out again to Seaham Harbour via Hartlepool and Thornaby on tees to Middlesborough. Many of these towns thought public sculpture would help them and South Shields has one good figure on the riverside. There is a sculptural box on the hillside south of Seaham Harbour but it may be an isolated farm building. The Angel of the North rusty hulk appears immortal for the people who are alive now and looks good in fresh fall of snow. The Durham Coast was catalogued by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen in photographs and the disappearance of the coalmines by photographs of the same pits and mining villages photographed with a twenty year gap by associates of Amber Online and The Side Gallery. (tbc) Attachment to locations like Easington linger in pit villages where street were named Street One, Street Two etc but some planners wanted to use them as RAF target practice and move on. Move on. Move On. Ridley Scott, born in South Shields was inspired by these locations where as in the futuristic film Blade Runner it also often rained.


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