August 12, 2009

Oh its a gift to be simple, its a gift to be free. Cycling is an escape away from the drudgery of urbane life. Start at any city or town in England and head outwards.
From some cities, often hilly ones, a glipse of pastoral green hills darker in the distance than what they really are, can be viewed the best being from Earl Grey’s monument, Newcastle upon Tyne. Others include Gloucester from the Cathedral. Ely overlooks the River Cam from the cathedral. Carlisle is a city because of it’s borderline position and cathedral and overlooks the Lake District. Crystal Palace can be seen fron Central London.

Gateshead was once famed for having this kind of view as glorified by the genie German architect Karl Frederick Schinkel.

Some border towms and cities may have this immediacy of the countryside like Kelso, but Kelso is a Scottish city.

Conversely try to look in to the centre of cities from chance glimpses through trees.
Aberdeen affords this from Banchory Devenick but unfortunately these are in Scotland not in England.

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