August 12, 2009

The English were often heard talking about the weather. A japanese tourist if cycling through England might be overheard practicing being polite in England bowing occasionally at the English woman in the worsted skirt in Surrey.

When out cycling wear light and easy to dry clothes which can be compacted. Cycles, weather cycles that is, occur 15 yearly over England so 2009 may have been similar to 1994, 1979 and 1964.

In Donegal, Eire a saying goes ‘if its cloudy on the horizon its about to rain, if its not cloudy its raining already’. Honourable Irish Logic.

England is less predictable and it can rain for a few minutes in a sunny shower or rain for hours especially when leaving from indoors to outdoors.

Lewes Railway station was phptographed with a rowing boat gliding through the forked tracks in 2001 {tbc) and the dykes on the River Arun(tbc) into Newhaven were very muddy.


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