Rannock Moor

September 11, 2009

The best place to be in The British Isles in late September is not England but north of Sandwood Bay, Scotland where by night you may see the Northern Lights (Sun reflecting off the North Pole) when a slight chill sets in and the World Begins to Die. This dying is imperceptible in Scotland because these autumnnal colours are the colours of Scotland along with the Royal Blue of the Scottish Flag.

Not un-noticed by Franco Zeffirelli (locatoin for Hamlet 1990 Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, and Dover Castle)(it is said he was struck by the light) the suns rays steeply inclined highlight these colours in particular.

Ask a professor of physics why the sky is blue and he may attempt to tell you.™©®

Interestingly the most beautiful sky blues and the colour of sand when reversed in Photoshop reveal the Most Beautiful Coulours of Night.™©®

Sandwood Bay is the Single Most Beautiful place in the United Kingdom being both remote and unspoilt.

Separate Cycling and Walking in your mind like the Right Side of Your Brain presuming you have one (The Gurdian) and The Left Side of Your Brain (The World Wide Web) ™©®. Sand is incomatible with cycle parts and on cliffs you shove your bike mostly.

So there is no point in cycling to Sandwood Bay. Drive from Dyce Airport and park in the car park.

N.B. Jump up and down just outside Rannock Moor Station the bog shakes.


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