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Sandwood Bay

September 7, 2009

Deliverance:- Archery, Hillbillies, Appalacia and TVA (tba)

‘The Golden Eye shone, not with the practicality of breeding, so necessary to its survival , but the promise of it that promised other things, another life, deliverance’.

James Dickey

In 1970, he penned his best-selling novel, Deliverance. The book, which was later made into a major motion picture, exposed readers to scenes of violence and nightmarish horror, much as his poetry had done. Though the novel was well-received, Dickey remained devoted to poetry.

‘The act of delivering or freeing from restraint, captivity, peril, and the like; rescue; as, the deliverance of a captive.

Act of bringing forth children.

The state of being delivered, or freed from restraint.

Anything delivered or communicated; esp., an opinion or decision expressed publicly.

Any fact or truth which is decisively attested or intuitively known as a psychological or philosophical datum; as, the deliverance of consciousness.’

Deliverence: (Gernam)Befreiung