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Castle Rising

September 1, 2009

September is the poetic month as Late English Summer turns to Early English Autumn.

Cycling from Hunstanton to King’s Lynn walking among the Velvet Beds of Castle Rising.

From Skegness The Far Off Land The Norfolk Coast is visible as a mirage across The Wash.

The Norfolk Castle once thrived in Fields of Lavender and when I visited again it was firm in cooling late afternoon high definition among swaying grasses the texture of velvet.

On the earthwork mounds of Castle Rising there is a strong feeling of time passing.

Enclaves of Flowers here are abandoned as Rome retreated, exotic, fragile and fragmented.

This climate was far away from the jungle of Equatorial Africa where zenith follows naddir, the sun is always overhead and there is no need to feel time passing.

Escaping the coniving monkees* I wandered here and took 150,000 years.

Based on Fears I am able to reverse engineer The Future.

*Apes, Monkees and Chimps in jungle glades bereft of vista envisaged threat, developed scepticism, mild paranoia and an ability to make up future scenarios and stories.