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June 18, 2009

English people would know straight away: The Northern Irish (Unionists) are the world’s most bigotted hominoids. Its Immigration and Unemployment that concern the Northern Irish. It was only a matter of time that Rumanians would draw the attension of Ian Paisley’s children.

Walking down a Unionist street garlanded with St. George flags among dry stone walls and the call of the countryside never far away feel the certainty of strangers being held in the cold light of day.

In his heyday Ian Paisley was magnificent. Ian Paisley was the world’s greateast orator. Now he has taken the Queen’s Penny.

In a Folkestone cycle shop a Romanian family enter en masse but the staff suspect them because like tinkers they rarely buy anything. These single Romanian families are conspicuous do not speak English in houses overlooking The English Channel.

In Kentish Town dozens of Romanians enter a cigarette shop and the shopkeeper from Malta fetches a rifle. A derelict school is given over to house 600 Rumanians in the Kentish Town part of The London Borough of Camden with a murder rate of over 30 per annum. (tbc) In Austria some have long nails, dress in colourful garments (loin clothes) and wild as Scottish Wild Cats.

Even now middlestand Germans regard sigoiner as unacceptable because they remain outside the capture of a society which would through education drain any suvival traits left in them. An endless gleichshaltung across the earth spreads like a nanotechnolgy virus gone wrong. Gleichshaltung: The same proccess started for The Jacobites with massacre at Glencoe at the hands of William III of Orange . Rebelion lingered North of The Border because of Scotland’s unique geography with The Lowlands and Argyle, Wester Ross and The Highlands behind.

These Picts and Scots welcome strangers as long as they go home.

Romanians abroad remain an enigma. Some say they are not to be trusted. There are only a few in England perhaps due to the Channel Tunnel portal being festooned with barbed wire and the bredth of the English Channel.

Most Romanians would prefer to remain here. Oddly Romania was a popular holiday destination for English Baby Boomers particularly miners and other well paid industrial workers where there was a if tenuous slightly left of centre link.

The village structure and the climate are the important differences as Ukraine for example suffers the chill winds of Siberian winter whist being composesd of 100,000s of villages about the same distance apart and until recently very isolated.

Insight and a sixth sense allows me to know what they are really like though.