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Prenzlauer Berg

June 20, 2009

Fly to Berlin from England having cycled parts of the English Canal Network or The English South Coast.

Prenzlauer Berg where the U-Bahn emerges adjacent to Jahnstadion and Kunstbrauerei. Walk, run or cycle from here around the district to Frankfurter Allee and see the Russian heritage in the districts. May Day Demonstrations here (tbc) and Kottbusser Tor cannot be reenacted. The Volkspark is interesting, so is Landsberger Allee. Wander into Lichtenberg. Note that Prenzlauer Berg is on the way north east to Prenzlau. Away from clusters and main road crossings the streets quickly deteriorate to in between suburbs but on a bicycle this quickly turns to villas, plattenbau and klein kollonien reached radially outwards. (tbc)