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Clay Cross

June 9, 2009

The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists.

NSDAP inter war Germany was hijacked early on by Adolph Hitler incorporating NATIONAL and SOCIALIST. In England NATIONAL and SOCIALIST translates to PATRIOTIC and LOCAL. And the English are profoundly patriotic. Germans and the logical German language tend to bring about chilling effects. This is not so in England or with the ambiguous English language. The point was that c1900 politics centred around Vienna caused or enabled rather, war and hunger. Novo Centa appears to be a pivotal date in Asia too as with the Boxer Rebellion. The East is East and West is West as thou say. Hunger is deterministic with a threshold and cut off point leading to conflict. German National Socialism was the only way to feed the Germans. Hunger in human beings is profound and deterministic leading inexorably to conflict with rival cultures especially spacially and geographically. No such geographical inertia exists now with hominoids able to change continents within 15 hours. The timescale involved Hitler Youth growing in to young men and fighting the Blitzkrieg.

The date of 1929 is equal to 2009 meaning a Great War will occur in 2019 whereby the settled peoples of the world will wipe out nomadic peoples. This is a fundamental conflict mode inherited from the Fertile Crecent. Refer to Lewis Mumford ‘The City in History’. As in the 1930s the economy like a doomed submarine bounces along the seabed for a decade culminating in inevitable world depopulation through The Third World War. Only war can officially signal the end of The Second Great Depression. The four horses of the Apocalypse will stop galloping off in to oblivion, only when millions have perished. The war will start no later than 2019 equivalent to 1939.

In England still an island the death throes will arrive later, the English being unable to be too beastly to their own poor and immigrants. Perhaps.

The BNP British Nationalist Party has no industrial backing as Hitler had, its higher echelons and party members being disenfranchised technicians and engineers. These right wing parties in England are doomed to fail because democracy cannot feed and employ people only DICTATORSHIP can do this.

There is no mechanism to back the party. Industry cannot openly back a fascist or racist party. The BNP (not Bank Paribas) will have trouble attracting members or support from ethnic minorities even though these groups are important to the English economy. Repatriation is impossible. Population pressure is too great. Who ever is in England now should stay. Gainfull employment for the local English in their own country must be found. As stated clearly here before: Cultures and Communities who know and trust each other must trade in blocks locally with each other, Europe with America but not with China (or India). The Chinese top echelon psyche is too simple and cruel. England will never prosper as a Chinese or Indian colony. Flights to England from India and China have grown exponentially in the recent decade with Asian entrepreneurs ingnoring European Law, Minimum Wages, Building Regulations and Safety. They expect their employees to be Indian and working as on the Bede Industrial Estate, Jarrow without rights and for less than 3 dollars an hour. It has long been clear the British Passport Office has been dominated by Foreigners particularly Indians. The flights are populated by cutting edge Chinese IT graduates and Asian Businessmen.

English people who have migrated to UKIP and BNP are near exclusively working class and are the opposite to the Conservatives up north as in Radcliff who seem to be Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts sneer at unemployment and poverty. It is clear left to the the mercy of the grown up Boy Scouts (still wearing shorts and a neckerchief) the working English tribe would perish by merely being ignored. A cold shoulder being shown and backs turned. Radciff was one of Richard IIIs team along with Tyrell and A.N. Other who spoke no evil, saw no evil, heard no evil.

If the British Conservatives got in to power in England no one knows what they would do. They have not said. In the European Parliament they have positioned themselves on the Far Right equivalent to harking back nostagically to the Mitford Sisters.