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Gay Street

June 30, 2009

Cycling through England whose virtue is little more than a moving picture with sun and fresh air this is occasionally punctuated by the onset of a rain shower. It is not possible to remain dry in heavy rain so wear thin clothing like skin, ventilated and which drys almost immediately.

Avoid getting wet and cold towards the end of a journey. Practice is overtaken by intution and one becomes able to predict as a prophet voraussager/voraussagen, roughly the weather.

On this journey through The Rural English Countryside and The Suburbs of England often in sunny showers place names approach far too big for their importance.

Try visiting unusual place name places in England (listed below with USA names) on a bicycle or tandem.

English Place Names by County.

1. Gay Street (West Sussex)
2. Much Binding in the Marsh (Devon)
3. Make Me Rich (Northumberland)
4. Pity Me (Durham)
5. America (Cambridgeshire)
6. Asbestos (Quebec)
7. Atomic City (Idaho)
8. Big Ugly Wilderness Area (West Virginia)
9. Cape Disappointment (Oregon and Washington)
10.Eel Pie Island, London, England
11.Fearsville, Kentucky , USA
12.Jobsville, New Jersey , USA
13.No Place, County Durham, England
14.Rest and be thankful , Argyll and Bute, Scotland
15.Snafu Creek, Yukon, Canada
16.Stiffkey, Norfolk, UK
17.Swastika, Ontario, Canada
18.Telephone, Texas , USA
19.Touristville, Kentucky , USA

20.Wedding, Berlin, Germany
21.Percy Main (Durham)
22.Anfield Plain (Durham)
23.Coalburns (Durham)
24.Chathill (Northumberland)
25.Co-operative Villas (Durham)