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Colston Bassett

August 6, 2009

Basing a cycle tour of England on visiting burial grounds and cemetaries is an obscure hobby but visit Caltanissetta in central Sicily where a whole mesa/bute is devoted to the dead (often mauseleums have entrance lobbies and condolence book) some cemetries look like two story housing estates and in Agricento and Siracusa tombs are carved into rocks adjacent to shops and markets. You will have to take the mountain train inland.

Such a tour in England would lead you to City of London churches, Brookwood in Surrey and little village churchyards some abandoned during the Plague. Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire have many isolated village chuches. There is rarely just a church unless abandonment has occured. Names enscribed on the gravestones indicate names and people have become more bland. What’s in a name? Would someone called Uriah or Edna be a more unique and colourful person? Or was life was sofragile there was a rush to be stimulating before you died, like? Where is the vitue in rotting away?

The English, as idiomatic language shows, were most interesting around 1650 with peaks around 1770 and 1955 etc but interview/interogate informally English people now they are characatures of dullness not like say Dorian Gray or Billy Liar.

Some rural church wardens are wary thinking townies are out ‘On The Knock’ but thefts from churches are common due to universal car ownership.

Fancy knicking from a church, eh? How low can you get?