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Swiss Cottage

September 7, 2009

West Heath, Hampstead Heath, London

Whitestone Pond is the apex of a high hill flattened by a triangular pond when The Blitz strikes the gold lightning conductor on the adjacent walled residence. Nearby on East Heath Hampstead Heath a pebble track (where the fairground stands on Spring Bank Holiday) leads to a grove affording the best view over London. The rusty cream outwash pebbles remind the lucky viewer on a late Sunny Sunday in Summer here on this ridge the glacier was held back.

Remains of a Saxon Dyke and The Heaped Losses of a Iron Age Fort appear as Pre-Raphaelite staged props further over towards Kite Hill.

Mark Almond assaults the north face via steep Haverstock Hill (or Roslyn Hill) from Swiss Cottage or Belsize Park.

“I saw you on Hampstead Heath in the car park behind The Spaniard’s Inn on Sunday” I said to the nice girl in Wandsworth Bridge Road.”

“Was I in the Lotus?”

“No you were just sitting there normally”.

Each year Hampstead Heath is given over to London and Home Counties Cross Country Runners where old fashioned juvenilia girls in their wholesome pursuit render a 1930s flashback in Running Club Colours.

Gay English Cyclists (and pedestrians) gather on a short lozenge of grass adjacent to East Heath or on the slope behind the Men’s Pond. Within the Real Tennis Courtyard of The Men’s Pond men adjoin in loin clothes chatting in perfect harmony: Gay, Normal, Actors, Runners, Lecturers, Ex-Boxers and Orthodox Jews from Stamford Hill attracted by the free entrance and of course Russian Bodyguards who may ask you while swimming in the cold Men’s Pond:
“Are you from UK?” meaning “Are You Gay?”

Be certain to lock your bicycle securely fixed to a fence!

This is Camden Town.