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Wolverhampton South West

April 27, 2009

There are two main political parties in England: The Conservative Party and The Labour Party. Geographically the heartlands of these are The Conservatives occupying The Home Counties and Rural Areas, Labour the Inner Cities. Both have drifted to The Centre due to Prosperity. There is a strong link with Little England, The Protestant Church and The Scout Movement but not openly. There is a feeling that Politics in England will drift to the right and the The Conservatives will ascend into power soon. The English tend to follow and vote for what is right for the times. There is little to see from a bicycle of British Politics except The Houses of Parliament.

Far Right Parties are marginalised by the English distaste for Violence and Fascism, but Immigration and Unemployment may swing polite Middle England towards The Left or Right. However very big changes may be not far away, but this might mean just a General Election. The Silent Majority have strong local if not nationalistic views, which rarely find expression in Polite English Politics.

As a cycling tourist this is likely not spoil holidaymakers enjoyment. As some distressing wars are gathering around the world due to water shortages and overpopulation England, on the ground will appear much the same.