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Oxford v Cambridge

May 13, 2009

Oxford and Cambridge were but no longer are, linked directly by rail. Halfway in the middle is Bletchley Park where the German Enigma Code was decyphered. Alan Turing, the director of Bletchley Park was a keen Cross Country Runner but also cycled to work.

Oxford and Cambridge students are mainly from Public Schools like Eton, Harrow, Marlborough and Charterhouse and the Minor Public Schools, but very cleaver and bright children from other schools are channelled towards Oxford and Cambridge. Cambridge is marginally more historical than Oxford but Oxford University is slightly older.

Both Oxford and Cambridge are about 1 hour from London by train and there are regular bus and coach services. Oxford and Cambridge are the cycling cities of England with thousands of cyclists and cycles parked outside the railway stations.
There are no special facilities for cycling in either Oxford or Cambridge.

Oxford is linked with the motor industry, Cambridge with aviation.

As centres of excellence Oxford and Cambridge are top in almost all subjects but Oxford is top at Physics and Cambridge at Biology.

Rugby and Rowing are the Oxford and Cambridge sports. The oft wealthy students like to dine and drink either in Town or Gown.

To get to Oxford from Cambridge travel by train to King’s Cross, London thence from Paddington, London to Oxford.