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April 11, 2009

When visiting a museum or shopping even out in the country in England, lock your bicycle to a fence or post. Some locked bicycles disappear into the back of vans.


March 9, 2009


One side of the Newcastle map is towns the other fields. The line that divides them is the A1. Cycle up the Tyne on either side, though youths may look at your property wantonly and wonder, perhaps admiringly, why you are brave enough to cycle through Scotswood. Turn up to rural Mafden and the abandoned medieval village of Ingoe. Cross over empty Northumberland to Belsay Castle. Cheese is made at Make Me Rich. Via Dinnington and Seghill return diagonally to skirt Newcastle above the airport. There are great names and great places here: Seaton Delaval, Dudley, Killingworth, Shiremoor and of course Percy Main.