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North and South (England)

May 13, 2009

Geographically England is divided physically by a diagonal line from Humberside to Bristol dividing The North from The South. The southerly climate is soft and luscious, the north skinflint, harsh and bracing. Southerners and Northerners match this layout, the Northerners being Blunt and Abbrasive. Southern England was covered in dense forest except on the twin achses of The Downs. The West Country around Gladstonbury was never conquered by Danelaw. That is why many Druid and Pagan influences eminate from Wiltshire. Wishbone Ash may have been from near The Vale of Pewsey where the North and South Downs converge.

On this partchment of countryside are the cities mainly on the coast or rivers.

Commerce is Down South, Industry is Up North. Travelling round the country by cycle informally interviewing Ordinary English People one arrives at the unavoidable conclusion the Natives in England feel more and more Neglected and Downtrodden.

However prominent people can be from anywhere in England. New Brighton on the Wirral Up North can be terribly posh whilst Rochester Down South can be Rather Rough.

Many of the Bravest Pilots in The Battle of Britain were from Kent, Sussex and Checkoslovakia.