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April 8, 2009

The Jews have gravitated to Hampstead since 1970s. Pictured in Ford Madox Brown’s painting as an artisan village by the Pre-rafaelite only 100 years before. In the 1960s the haunt of Michael Foot, later Peter Cook. Now it is a Judean mountain top village. Hampstead Underground is the deepest in London. No cycles are allowed in the London Underground so cycle up the miriad of routes to White Stone Pond, like Havestock Hill from Chark Farm or Roslyn Hill from Swiss Cottage.
Hampstead Garden Suburb, part of the Garden City Movement north of Spaniards Lane was such a runaway success the London Jews moved in there themselves. Letchworth
was also Left Inteligencia and home of the first roundabout. Other New Towns were dumping gounds like Basildon, the wrong side of a marsh in Essex.
It would be easy to assume the money is under West Hampstead Synagogue stage. World trade is 20 times more than it was after World War Two. Cycle across the matrix of paths of Hampstead Heath, an inland rural paradise in North London. Stand on the viaduct and think about Disraeli swiftly passing home by a dedicated way across Hampstead Heath. The Admiralty signal HQ was up here.(Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister before Marconi and radar but now Hampstead Heath has a landmark ariel mast carrying military and civil signals commissioned as sculpture art). So cycle up from West Hampstead British Rail. Churchill highly regarded the Jews and despite infiltrating everything from the BBC to publishing they are genuinely loved by the British. When Labour are in power it is the Jews who are backing them. The BBC accidently broadcast Alistair Darling wearing a skullcap entering the Bank of England escorted by Judean looking ushers. The Jews personally are the kindest, caring people in the world if you are lucky to know any. They also regard themselves as the ruling class in England. Remember under the sadist Spanish Inquisition it was the Jews pretending to be Spanish which riled them most. When the Conservatives are in power landed gentry and more traditional English are backing them. The Jews own all the means of life in England: Food, clothes and shelter. This was confirmed in Informationsheft GB the documentation for Operation Sea Lion, details of which have disappeared off Gower Street. The English gentry meantime are having a jolly good time with the Arabs racing horses.The cleverest move ever made by the UK government was allowing a mosque in Regent’s Park. In Marks and Spencers in King’s Cross station customers are whipped into their turn at the till. The other religions are trying to usurp them but not doing very well. There is a certain amount of spite attached to the way these other religions, namely Hindus and Moslems sometimes treat the English. Its hardly suprising though if a single flood wipes away a whole country. Cycle down Kite Hill and have a swim in the Men’s Pond.