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August 29, 2009

The weather cycle of 15 years in England is vindicated as 2009 is similar to 1964. From a planthouse on the terraced sloped allotments of Hunger Hill Allotments the magnificently tilting (and faded) gardens where once famous for Dig For Victory.

Today the weather sheers in mirroring the peaks and troughs of the lie of the land in Nottingham. Its only a sunny shower heralding the End of Summer.

St Annes Well Road laid out like a stream’s course, to climb, to climb to fall, to fall, asailed by the weather.

Hunger Hill Road is the Great Social Divide between Mapperley Top and St. Anne’s.
There is a shortcut from Sherwood to St. Anne’s rising very steeply through shaded opulence of Mapperly.

Radial or parallel ridges define Nottingham here. The contrast of Sherwood and adjacent Forest Fields to smug and remote Mapperley is staggering. There is a feeling of Dark Forest Slopes.

Forest Fields is a grid iron of artisan streets bejewelled with a Mosque occasionally, and slung on a slope behind Hysen Green.

Sherwood, flanking Sherwood Rise a figment and deeply evocative. Each day there same scenes are acted out, the actors almost coreographed. The wealthy have left for gentle slopes beyond Uttoxeter long ago, the poor remain here but the bond link with the recent and distant past is tangible. Perhaps its the name ‘Sherwood’.

The ugly image of Nottingham is a teenage mum with a gun. A cemetry lies between Sherwood and Nottingham Castle the dead lying where they fell: A poingiant reminder of The Sherrif of Notingham and The Men of Sherwood.

The wealthy steathily sneak around the shady wooded slopes of Mapperley now. Their characteristics are tenacity and moving around unnoticed.

Now The Midlands of England are branded by the people who live there themselves as a Place to Escape From.